5 Fun Ways to Reduce Stress That Won’t Break the Bank

  1. Get more creative! Spending time doing something you love to do or choose a new hobby.  Take this time to explore your artistic interest, even if it is as simple as coloring in a coloring book.   This will give you a chance to slow down and clear your thoughts while showing a little artistic creativity.
  2. Connect with friends outside of social media! Social media is a great way to stay connected to family and friends.  But try picking up the phone or meeting with a friend; to have a conversation about your day or maybe your plans for the week.  You will find that laughter together is a lot more fun and can change the outcome of your day.
  3. Just Breathe! Stopping and taking a deep breath sometimes helps more than you think.  If you need to take several deep breaths that’s okay, we have all been there.  This method can help you deal with your stress on the run.  Taking a deep breath can also make a difference in how you respond to difficult situations. Take it a step further and try meditating for 10 minutes per day.
  4. Relaxing music or sounds! Music is a great way to find inner peace, especially if it’s music that you can easily relax to.  You can even try some different types of music (sounds of nature, opera, jazz, etc.).  Also, the one thing about using music as a stress reliever is that you can listen to it everywhere you go.
  5. Find a Zen Zone! Find a place in your home that is not filled chaos and reminders of your stressful day.  Take time out to do whatever helps you relax.  Read a book, do a crossword puzzle, or write in your journal.  You can even just sit in silence to bring down your daily stress levels.

 These 5 ways to reduce stress just scratch the surface of options that are available to you.  Stress affects so many of us and a lot of times it seems like you don’t have the time or resources to just figure it out.  It is also very important to figure out the root of your stress to come up with a plan of action. Small steps will also start you on the road to living a life with a little less stress.